Each year, an estimated 500,000 pet guardians in the U.S. face a harrowing moment:

The realization that the potentially life-saving treatment their pet needs is beyond their reach.

This moment, seen over and over in animal hospitals across the country, impacts the health and well-being of not only that family - it also affects the hospital staff, the veterinarians and the community at large.

The choice is an impossible one for all involved: provide treatment you can’t afford (as a guardian or a hospital); give up the pet in the hope that a shelter or rescue group can (which they often can’t) step in and assume the responsibility and financial burden; or euthanize a beloved family member.

Waggle is changing that.

The Waggle Difference

Waggle is the only pet-dedicated crowdfunding platform that partners directly with leading veterinary providers, nonprofits and pet guardians to reduce economic euthanasia in pets, thereby giving options to pet guardians and second chances to the pets they love.

The critical partnership between Waggle and veterinary partners ensures that funds flow directly to the pet’s medical care – an assurance other crowdfunding platforms can’t give. But that’s not the only thing that sets Waggle apart:

Waggle is truly dedicated to solving one real-world problem: economic euthanasia. We're not trying to do everything for everybody.

We work cross-functionally and cross-industry to serve everyone who cares for the wellness of pets -- from those in financial need, to those who can financially help, and everyone in between.

This is real: "Each of our constituents benefits from being a part of the Waggle platform - the more pets helped, the more everyone wins."

Best Charity For Dogs

Waggle is about synergy, technology and best practices. This is a community problem, far too big to be solved by a single hospital or business. But a key part has been missing until now: the bridge. Waggle serves as that bridge, bringing those who care together and empowering us all to make a significant difference.

We want to put ourselves out of business. Our function is to end economic euthanasia by changing the face of crowdfunding for pets in medical crisis, but we want to help prevent those cases in the future so we work to spread awareness and the adoption of responsible pet ownership practices.

Waggle Is 100% Mission-Driven

Waggle addresses and reduces economic euthanasia by providing much-needed veterinary care for pets in crisis. Waggle reduces the financial burden on local veterinary practices and at the same time, lessens the strain on the resources of community-based, social service. Our model is mission-driven, utilizing effective marketing and social media practices to drive funds to the pets and communities that need it most.

Most importantly, Waggle reduces the number of pets relinquished and euthanized at animal shelters, positively impacting both private rescue organizations and municipal animal control agencies alike.


Waggle Is Community-Based

We at Waggle know that no single person or organization can alter the fate of half a million animals and mitigate the devastation their families feel, but we are confident that our strength lies in our approach: We work with everyone–vets, shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals—to amplify and maximize our impact.

Waggle Community & Platform
Cat Donations

Waggle Pet Donors Save Lives

Donors make a significant impact on the lives of pets and their guardians in a self-sustaining, radically transparent way. As a donor, you can choose to follow the treatment and recovery of the animal you have sponsored – and take pride in knowing that your donation has saved a pet’s life.

Spend an afternoon in any shelter or emergency veterinary center and you will witness this heartbreak again and again. Financial hardship should never be the reason a guardian loses a cherished best friend and a pet needlessly loses its life.

Your support of Waggle today will help save thousands of lives and significantly reduce economic euthanasia across the country. Please join us.