Vet Help For Low Income Families

1. Pet guardians seek care for their pets

Owner or rescue brings their pet to the veterinary practice for care, but soon finds out that the treatment cost is unaffordable.

Pet Guardian & Waggle

2. Pet owner or Rescue/Shelter learns about Waggle

Our resources are free to individuals and organizations that are committed to sharing their pet campaigns widely and frequently to raise funds.

Veterinary Partner Submission

3. Pet owner or Rescue/Shelter submits the pet's profile to Waggle

Required information includes the veterinarian's contact info and treatment estimate.

Pet Crowdfunding Platform

4. The Waggle team reviews the pet’s story and posts at our Meet Pets in Crisis page for the owner to begin raising funds.

Simple and easy to use tools and templates help pet owners and rescue/shelters tell and share their story in a compelling and effective way.

Best Dog Charities To Donate To

5. Waggle's network of donors becomes involved

100% of donations are used to fund the patient's care.

Pet Donor Updates

6. Donors receive patient’s update

The guardian or rescue/shelter submits post-treatment updates on the pet so we can share it with our generous donors.