A Harsh Reality

Choosing to euthanize a beloved pet is always emotionally grueling. Even in situations where he or she has lived a long and happy life and all agree it’s for the best, the family suffers with their loss. Ideally, the decision to euthanize is based ONLY on what is in the pet’s best interest, and after all treatment options have been explored.

But, for more than 500,000 pets and their families in the US each year, this is not the case. For these wanted and loved pets, the decision to euthanize is made that much harder because it’s in big part for lack of financial resources.

Those who work in animal health often refer to this as “economic euthanasia,” or the decision to euthanize rather than treat because treatment costs are out of reach for the pet’s family. These pets often have a good prognosis, if treatment is received. Even if euthanasia isn’t decided on, these pets too often end up in shelters because their families can’t afford treatment, further burdening an already over-burdened system.

Imagine you could help these families access resources that may save their pets’ lives and them the grief associated with losing a family member. With Waggle, you can.

Dog Euthanasia

The Impact of Economic Euthanasia

Economic euthanasia is a harsh reality for many pet guardians, and a sad, unnecessary end for many pets. The majority of these pets are wanted and loved, but their families are simply out of options. And, while services like pet insurance can help guardians avoid unforeseen expenses, it can’t help pets and families currently in crisis. It’s just not the way it works.

Imagine the grief and guilt guardians experience when putting a sick or injured pet to sleep – not because the condition isn’t treatable – but because treatment isn’t affordable. Now imagine being the pet-health provider who sees case after case like this come in – you can’t discount them all, you’d go out of business if you did, but it chips away at you.

Economic euthanasia of pets is on the rise nationally, especially in income-challenged communities. The increase in economic pet euthanasia when treatment is available raises questions about how veterinary practices can remain financially stable while helping patients get the care they need.

No pet lover should ever have to make such an agonizing choice, which is the primary belief and vision for Waggle. We understand that good people and pet lovers sometimes find themselves in no-win situations, and want to provide a way for them and their veterinary providers to pull themselves out.

Waggle financial assistance to guardians of pets in need

What if we could reduce economic euthanasia of pets by keeping them healthy and with their families where they belong?