Each year, an estimated 500,000 pet guardians in the U.S. face a harrowing moment - the realization that the treatment their pet needs is beyond their reach. The choice is an impossible one: provide care you can’t afford or euthanize a beloved family member. This moment, seen over and over in animal hospitals across the country, impacts the health and well-being not only of the family - it also affects the hospital staff, the veterinarians and the community at large.

No pet parent should lose their best friend because of financial hardship.

Waggle was created to help the greater pet - loving community put an end to economic-driven pet euthanasia—and the human heartache that accompanies this tragic situation. Waggle is changing this; one pet, one owner, one donor at a time.

The Power of the Waggle Community

We are passionate about creating awareness among individuals and uniting the power of community. We collaborate with other organizations, merge our resources, and use our combined influence to give pets the second chance they deserve for a happy and long life.

A selection of recent Waggle Success Stories

What if together we could make it possible to save the lives of over half a million pets each year?

Economic euthanasia is on the rise nationally in economically challenged communities, who especially benefit from pet companionship. We work with everyone–vets, shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals—to reverse this heartbreaking epidemic.

We know that no single person or organization can alter the fate of half a million animals. Our growing movement is therefore dedicated to building tools and insights to help communities join together and circumvent this tragic outcome in a self-sustaining, radically transparent way.

The Waggle Difference

Waggle is the only pet-dedicated crowdfunding platform that partners directly with leading veterinary providers, nonprofits and pet guardians to reduce economic euthanasia in pets, thereby giving options to pet guardians and second chances to the pets they love.

The critical partnership between Waggle and veterinary partners ensures that funds flow directly to the pet’s medical care – a promise other crowdfunding platforms can’t give. This gives a greater level of trust and security for our donors and establishes the Waggle Difference.

Waggle seeks to ensure that our pets' lives will not be cut short because a pet guardian doesn't have the necessary funds to cover the cost of medical treatment. We provide a platform that enables pets and their owners to live a longer and healthier shared life.