To All of Waggle's Many Faithful Supporters:

As you likely know, Waggle experienced a very successful beta launch in the spring (see some of our success stories here); we have benefited from the data gleaned during these few months and now we're refining Waggle to better target our audience—veterinary hospitals, rescue/shelter organizations, individuals, and, of course, the public, which contributes the steam that keeps the engine running on a crowdfunding site. We believe our dynamic is changing the profile of crowdfunding, as we continue to strive for total transparency and accountability. We are shifting our model to be even more inclusive, and in that effort, we are dotting the I's and crossing the T's (as in the word donations), in order to maximize dollars contributed and efficiently put them to work. Our well-crafted shift is not seismic (subtle is more apt), but it could have a weighty effect on individual Waggle pet campaigns.

Our mission, and that of our sister organization, the Waggle Foundation, is to obliterate economic euthanasia in the world of companion animals; ultimately we would like to put ourselves out of business because we and like-minded charities, through education and activism, have obliterated even thought of  economic euthanasia as an alternative to treatment.  To that end, our teams of not-for-profit specialists, marketing strategists, and technology wizards have streamlined the process for posting pet campaigns on Waggle, making it easier.

Waggle was established—with the overriding principle of maintaining complete transparency and trust—to funnel all campaigns through our Veterinary Partners (VPs) with all funds going directly to those hospitals, not to Pet Guardians (PGs)…and we will always continue to send funds raised to the veterinary practices. However, we discovered we were flooded with requests from desperate PGs who hoped we could simply post their pets' stories on the Waggle website; we could not. We directed these PGs to go back to their vets and ask them to channel the campaign through their good offices. We were also inundated with requests from shelters and rescue organizations (RSs), the folks who are at the frontlines of saving and "repairing" so many Humpty Dumpties.

Taking a cue from the playbook as we now perceive it, we've tweaked Waggle's infrastructure to allow those two groups freedom to post, again, with funds going directly to the veterinary hospitals. What have we done to make Waggle even more inclusive?

1.  Made it easier for our VPs to submit campaigns to Waggle. They can continue to work with us as they currently do, OR, they can encourage PGs to embrace Waggle individually. Take a look at our new VP pages.  Additionally, if a VP is working with RSs and is accustomed to discounting fees for them, then that VP should encourage the RS to sign up separately, thus easing the financial burden on the VP.

Signing up costs nothing and one of the most significant benefits, among the many, is that campaigns that come to Waggle from a VP or RS are eligible for matching funds from our sponsors, outside foundations, and the Waggle Foundation, which is evolving and growing, also. 

2.  Enabled RS organizations to sign up themselves (here). As the boots on the ground, RSs know how hard it is to place an animal in need of veterinary care; sadly, their dollars are almost always stretched to the max, but they still need to bring their furry charges back to good health, making them viable candidates for a forever home. We would urge the RS partners to work with their VPs to ensure that the practices with which they work sign up, as well.

We have learned that when RSs are involved, together we strike gold, as the RSs are eager and enthusiastic to share on social media, and each share can result in $500 on average.

How can you help?  We would ask current VPs to spread this news to other hospitals and RSs and to increase awareness among PGs, so that they know that they can now post campaigns themselves, as well.

It is only through increased, ever-growing awareness that we will one day take the shingle off the front door and lock it—and post a sign that reads "Gone fishing."  Please share our news so that we can eradicate economic euthanasia and put ourselves out of business.

Steven Mornelli