Waggle is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with the former crowd-funding site Pet Chance to save lives of thousands of pets. Both Waggle and Pet Chance believe strongly that no pet should lose its life because their guardian can’t afford veterinary care. Yet in the US alone, 500,000 pets are euthanized annually for economic reasons. This tragic epidemic is on the rise nationally, especially in economically challenged communities and among marginalized populations such as the elderly, who especially benefit from pet companionship. Spend an afternoon in any shelter or emergency veterinary center and you will witness this heartbreak again and again. Whether the result of illness, unemployment, or personal tragedy, economic euthanasia is a harsh reality and a sad, unnecessary end for far too many pets.

In its five years of operation, Pet Chance raised over $200,000 and helped hundreds of pets in need. Pets like Jameson, a tiny Pomeranian that was beaten and left for dead along the highway, was thankfully rescued by a kind police officer who rushed him to an emergency hospital, using her credit card to pay for his care. Three days later Pet Chance helped raise $10,000 for life-saving treatment including Jameson’s brain surgery. Jameson now tours the country raising funds and awareness about animal abuse – he even has his own popular children’s book! Jameson was saved and granted a second chance because of generous and compassionate supporters like you.

Help Waggle and Pet Chance Save Pets and Keep Families Together

In spite of so much success and many extraordinary accomplishments, Pet Chance was recently forced to shut down as a result of technology issues. Fortunately, Waggle will pick up where Pet Chance left off. Like Pet Chance, Waggle helps pet guardians raise the funds they need to help care for (and keep) the pets they love. In addition to helping pets in homes, Waggle’s platform takes Pet Chance’s work even further by also raising funds for the veterinary costs of pets in shelters and rescues.

Originally, Pet Chance founder Peter Alberti had planned to re-launch his site using profits from his company Pet Cause Media. But now he hopes Pet Cause Media will become a key collaborator and contributor to Waggle and its mission to reduce economic euthanasia. Peter is excited to join forces with Waggle and looks forward to helping thousands of pets in homes and shelters get the care they need.

Waggle understands that good people and pet lovers sometimes find themselves in no-win situations. With the help of collaborators like Pet Chance, Waggle will provide an achievable, sustainable way to keep families together and pets out of shelters while also inspiring responsible pet ownership to prevent future cases.

We at Waggle are grateful for the generosity of Pet Chance and its sustaining supporters. Please help us continue this vital and lifesaving work by signing up as a veterinary or rescue/shelter partner and supporting Waggle today! You can fund an individual pet campaign or make an unrestricted matching donation to The Waggle Foundation or do both!

Please join us today!