Joshua Brand knows what it's like to face massive veterinary bills. Earlier this year, his beautiful pup, Kimba, suddenly went into cardiac arrest.

Panicked, he rushed her to the animal emergency room. When he arrived, the staff whisked her away. It was in the middle of the COVID lockdown; he waited outside the hospital for news. The phone rang. But it was that dreaded call from "the financial office."

Joshua says he was told, "This is going to be very, very costly. Do you want to proceed with surgery? We don't know what her condition is going to be, even if we can save her."

The estimate to save Kimba's life was up to $16,000.


He said, "yes," luckily, he could afford to pay it. But soon after he gave the go-ahead, he learned veterinarians were unable to save his sweet Maltese.

"I was devastated and gutted," Joshua tells Waggle.

Joshua says while he struggled with his grief, he tried to make some sense of it all. He missed Kimba so much, and the shock of how quickly she passed away made him realize how many families face unforeseen healthcare issues with their pets.

These costs are tremendous, and not everyone can afford necessary care. That's when he decided to do something.

"I want some good to come of this," Joshua says. "I want to help people who can’t afford to pay their pet's vet bills when they're facing an emergency."

Joshua started doing research and found Waggle. That’s when he learned 500,000 dogs and cats are put down each year because their owners can't afford their pet's care.

It’s called economic euthanasia and Waggle’s goal is to end it.

"I looked at what Waggle's mission is. I was impressed," Joshua says.

And now that's Joshua's goal is also to help end economic euthanasia too. He decided to honor Kimba by helping raise money for the Waggle Foundation and created the Kimba-30 Challenge.

The Waggle Foundation seeks to ensure that the lives of pets are not cut short because a pet guardian is without the necessary funds to cover the cost of medical treatment, and works in partnership with the general public, media, influencers, and brands to raise critical funding and awareness.

The Waggle Foundation has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of the Waggle Foundation.