Social Sharing Ninja Tactics: How To Jumpstart Your Waggle Campaign Like A Pro

You have successfully set up your pet’s campaign on Waggle, including photos and a heartfelt message about how much your pet means to you. But the donations are slow going and you are worried you won’t reach your goal.

Don’t get discouraged! There’s still time to jumpstart your pet’s campaign!

The key to campaign success is sharing your story. Sharing is caring and one and done will not get your pet’s campaign funded. You need to share and keeping sharing - and ask your friends and family to keep sharing, too!

You can find a variety of social sharing and email templates on your pet’s campaign page. Access your custom templates by logging into your account, clicking on your campaign, and then selecting the blue share icon. Feel free to use Waggle’s custom templates or use them as an inspiration to create your own. Remember to always include your campaign link to make it easy for your friends and family to donate.

Social Sharing Ninja Tactics To Jumpstart Your Pet’s Campaign!

  1. Send personal messages to your friends and family via text, email, or Facebook messenger. Keep your messaging heartfelt and authentic. Ask your friends to donate and share your campaign with their networks.
  2. Share your pet’s campaign on Facebook. Post your pet campaign daily or at least weekly, giving updates, and including photos and live videos with your pet. Ask your friends to share and don’t forget to change your privacy settings to public.
  3. Go live on Facebook. Do a few live videos on Facebook introducing your pet and asking people to support and share your campaign.
  4. Get Tweeting. Upload a cute photo of your pet with a link to your campaign. Pin your pet’s campaign to the top of your twitter feed. Tweet often and don’t forget to add popular pet-related hashtags.
  5. Share your campaign on Instagram. Screen shot a photo of your pet’s campaign and share it on Instagram and in Instagram stories. Share your pet’s story and ask your friends and followers to donate. Don’t forget to add a link to your Waggle campaign in your bio.
  6. Create your own campaign hashtag. A catchy campaign hashtag will support your cause and encourage others to share it as well.
  7. Utilize both on and offline groups to share your message. Facebook hosts all kinds of groups related to breed, cause and interest. But don’t forget about offline groups like community groups, neighborhood associations, and religious organizations.
  8. Make campaign flyers. Create flyers and distribute at local dog parks, pet stores, community bulletin boards, or church or synagogue newsletters.
  9. Reach out to your local media. Newspapers and even some local television stations are always looking for inspiring human-interest stories.
  10. Post regular updates on and off social media. Once someone donates to your campaign, they are invested and will appreciate updates. Keep them in the loop with frequent progress reports and new photos. You can also use updates on Facebook and other social media to thank supporters and encourage others to donate and continue to share your campaign.

Bottom line: Pet campaigns that are shared widely and post updates frequently raise the most funds. Now is not the time to be shy. Keep your messaging heartfelt, authentic, and concise. And remember, photos and videos speak volumes and are a wonderful way to build momentum and keep your supporters invested.