Using Next to Get the Word Out
About Your Campaign

Waggle wants to tell you about a fast-growing website you should join and post about your fundraising campaign: Next Door (

Next Door allows you to virtually network with your neighbors. You can't join unless you can prove you really live in the community.

Then once you're "in" you can communicate with residents through online posts and messages, which is very handy in these socially distancing times.


People post about garage sales, watch groups, break-ins, recommendations for babysitters or dog trainers, the usual stuff you might chat with your neighbors about in person.

You should also join your Next Door neighborhood group’s "pet directory” where you can post pictures of your pet and their name.


Dog owners totally get how it is when you hit the local park, you become known as "Spot's dad" instead of "Steve." People recognize you because they see you out with your pet.

Once you’re up and running on Next Door, Waggle recommends you post a picture of your pet, the link to your Waggle campaign, and write about your plight.

Try to keep your message local minded too: Did your dog or cat get hit by a car on that street everyone gripes about speeding cars? Tell your community that! (If that happens, see our post about how to get news coverage for your campaign.)

Was your pet bitten by a poisonous snake in your area? Tell your neighbors that and warn them about the snake.

You can even write something heartfelt like, "You may see me every morning out walking Maggie at 8 am with her tennis ball. Now we could really use some help, so you'll see her back out at the dog park."

Grab people's attention and don't be afraid to tell them your story!