Local Pets Rescue

Americans love their pets. In fact, according to a 2017-2018 survey conducted by the National Pet Owners Association, 68 percent of U.S. households own a dog, or a cat, or both. This is a fact that has not gone unnoticed by corporate America. Pets are, in fact, ubiquitous in advertisements. Additionally, many companies are now including animal shelters that need help when doling out their corporate charitable gifts and sponsorships. It's a win-win for everyone involved. By providing help for animal shelters, corporations are able to raise their brand awareness with pet owners, and animal shelters in need of help are able to get the funds necessary to keep their organizations running.

Do you currently work at a shelter or volunteer at a rescue that is in need of funds? Or maybe you work at a corporation that’s looking for ways to help animal shelters? Check out the following ideas for ways that corporations can help a local pet rescue.

  1. Sponsor a Doggy Walk-a-thon or Fun Run for Pups
    Walk-a-thons and fun runs are popular ways to bring a lot of pet owners and their dogs together for a good cause. In a typical walk-a-thon, participants raise money by getting friends and family members to pledge a certain amount of money for every mile or lap they complete. Fun runs, on the other hand, usually raise most of their funds from entry fees. Both types of fundraisers benefit greatly when a corporation steps in to pick up the costs of such things as security, porta potties, and permits. In turn, the corporation can claim naming rights for sponsoring the event, which will help to raise its brand awareness with pet owners.
  2. Sponsor a Dog with Medical Needs
    Sadly, a number of dogs that end up in animal shelters and rescues come in with serious medical issues that can quickly drain an organization's budget. In addition, some healthy rescues may develop unexpected problems, such as bloat, while in a shelter's care. So, another way a corporation can help pet shelters is to contribute money to a rescue animal's medical expenses. Crowdfunding campaigns for pets are a popular means that rescue organizations use to raise money for their seriously ill or injured pets. One crowdfunding site will even channel all funds raised directly to the animal's veterinary providers.</span
  3. Host a Shelter Clean-Up
    Animal shelters in need of help often require more than financial aid. Often what they really need is manpower to help them maintain and repair existing infrastructure and also occasionally to build new structures, such as a turn-out pen where rescue dogs can run. So, if your corporation encourages its employees to volunteer at non-profit organizations, consider setting up a shelter clean-up day. Corporate clean-up days can also be a great way to show animal-loving employees how to help pet shelters on their days off.
  4. Offer Holiday Pet Portrait Sessions
    Every parent loves getting their child's picture taken with Santa or the Easter Bunny. But parents of fur children rarely get that opportunity since most are held in malls where pets aren't typically welcome. So, it's no surprise that holiday pet portrait sessions can be very popular and, thus, an excellent way to raise money for a shelter. Corporations can help by sponsoring the cost of a photographer or, perhaps, provide an employee who is skilled at photography. That way, all of the funds raised can go to help with pet rescue.

Hopefully, these ideas on how to help animal shelters in your area will encourage you to go out and support these worthy organizations. But if you’re simply looking to help a pet in need and want to donate to a cause, take a look at Waggle, a crowdfunding platform for pets. These pets want your help!