Each year in the United States, more than half a million pets who are injured or ill face the possibility of euthanasia. From something acute like a torn ligament to more chronic illnesses like diabetes, often these pets are completely treatable and have a good chance of recovery, but it’s simply too expensive to pay for their care. Shelters and rescues might not have the resources to pay high veterinary costs, and many pet owners can’t afford life-long medications or an animal hospital bill.

For the past two years, has sponsored emergency medical cases for animals in shelters, giving them a second chance while they wait for their forever home. But there are many owned pets who face the same problem of economic euthanasia. That’s why is excited to announce our new partnership with Waggle, a funding platform that helps save pets who’ve already found their forever home, but whose owners need our help to bring them life-saving care. With Waggle, we’re saving even more pets from euthanasia and making them healthy and happy again!

When some pet owners are faced with high vet bills, they turn to large crowdfunding platforms in desperation, hoping to save their beloved pet’s life with the donations of friends and strangers. But these crowdfunding sites can be unreliable and—unfortunately—enable the scams of bad actors hoping to turn a quick profit.

Many donors wonder how they can be sure their generous dollars are really going to save the animals they want to help. But on the internet, a posting carries a level of inherent anonymity. Moreover, there is no government oversight or regulatory organization which vets individual campaigns and case histories. This has become sadly apparent in recent times with fraudulent stories from crowdfunding sites that have ricocheted around the news media with splashy headlines. Some of the most poignant, but notorious stories, have tugged at heartstrings, but, in the end, they reverberated with fabrications. (It is worth noting, that if all stories posted on crowdfunding sites were entirely true, there would be no need for the website

Here at, we know that you want to Give Where It Matters™. We value the trust of our donors and want to safeguard your gifts, so they go to the right place. has a dedicated professional staff that carefully manages and researches the causes we support. When you donate to a Gift That Gives More™, you know exactly where your donation will go. has a Platinum rating from GuideStar, the world's largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. When teams up with another charity partner, we require regular outcome and impact reports from the field to make sure we’re funding the best organizations and programs that make a real impact. That’s why a partnership with Waggle made sense.

Waggle ensures that your donations go where they’re supposed to with three key steps:

  1. When a request for emergency animal care comes in, Waggle verifies the prognosis and treatment with the veterinarian directly. Waggle knows exactly what kind of care that animal needs and how much it will cost to save them.
  2. On each case, Waggle caps the fundraising goal to the best amount to help that pet. After the goal is met, your generous donations can go to the next pet that needs life-saving care!
  3. Waggle makes payments directly to the veterinary provider, not an individual. When donations are sent straight to the veterinary practice, it means that pets get the care they need and owners don’t need to wait to be reimbursed for any costs. Donors can be assured that 100% of their contribution goes towards medical care for the pet in need!

As we approach the end of the year, is proud of the work we’ve done in 2018 to help save animals across the country. We’re looking forward to our new partnership with Waggle, so we can continue to fund emergency medical cases, help pet owners in crisis, and give many more pets a second chance at life. Thank you for your continued support!

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