Funding Support for Adopted Dogs

The Waggle Foundation periodically has funding opportunities to help a pet that has been adopted out during its lifetime.

Together with a sponsoring partner, we may be able to provide additional financial support to select campaigns that meet all the criteria below.

Campaign Criteria

  1. The pet must be currently with its owner – not presently at a rescue/shelter – with a clear description of how the pet became adopted
  2. A compelling reason why the family needs help with the anticipated medical bills
  3. Range of funds requested $1500 – $3000 (treatment estimate required during the campaign setup)
  4. The campaign should have a sense of urgency with treatment forthcoming or in progress
  5. Good prognosis
  6. Minimum of 3 high resolution photos of the pet only (no humans). Ideally these photos are playful and feature the pet as the main subject. The pictures and background story are key to selection
  7. The pet owner must be able and willing to actively and frequently socially share their story (Facebook account required)

To be Considered

(1) You must first initiate your crowdfunding campaign by adding your pet here.

(2) Then email your information via our Contact Us page with the requested info, specifically addressing each of the seven items one-by-one. Only campaigns that provide this information in this manner and have submitted their campaign will be considered.

The Waggle Care Team