Cali, a six-year-old tabby cat, was abandoned when her previous guardians were evicted. Fortunately, she was rescued and brought to New York Animal Care Center (NYACC). But just when this sweet girl thought her luck had finally turned around, the shelter veterinarian discovered a small mammary tumor. Because 95% of mammary tumors in cats are cancerous, the vet recommended a bilateral mastectomy, which would include two surgeries to remove the tumor and surrounding tissue to prevent the cancer from spreading.  

Lucky for Cali, K9Kastle with help from Waggle came to her rescue! K9Kastle is a small but mighty, volunteer-driven rescue organization that focuses on cats at risk of euthanasia because of health issues or age. 99% of K9Kastle’s cats come from NYACC.   

Under normal circumstances K9Kastle would not have been able to pull Cali because of her medical needs. Organizations like K9Kastle operate on small budgets and surgery is a huge expense to take on – not to mention recovery time and aftercare. But thanks to Waggle, Cali received a second chance and the life-saving surgeries and aftercare she needed. “The Waggle model is ingenious; we wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner,” says Emily Beck, K9Kastle volunteer. “Waggle is a lifesaver and one of our most valuable partners.”  

Lovely Cali was one of the first animals posted on Waggle last spring and cat lovers from around the country donated towards her care. She’s now had both surgeries and is recovering well! Her tumor was removed successfully and the margins were clean with no sign of metastases. 

But the best news is that Cali (now Pepper) has been adopted and enjoying a much deserved fairytale ending with her new forever family. Her adopter Efua describes Pepper as playful, loving, and chatty. “She is such a sweetheart and we are so grateful to have her.” 

Rescues and shelters can learn more about partnering with Waggle here