Crowdfunding for Veterinary Care

We're two months in here at the Waggle Foundation and seeing some definite trends in what really moves the (donation) needle to help pets in need of veterinary funding. We've compiled some of the best tips from the data and professional crowdfunding professionals below. Try them out on your campaign today!

  1. Explain what this means to you: Whether you're a guardian, hospital or nonprofit trying to help, we're all here because this story and family is important to us. Share that importance in your campaign page to help your audience connect emotionally.
  2. Include images that make the condition clear: Profiles with non-graphic photos that make it clear a pet is hurt or in need tend to raise funds faster.
  3. Share, share, share - on Facebook and email: On average, shares by people and organizations who know the pet personally raise around $500 per share!
  4. Gather your "team": Be sure to ask your close network to share the campaign on your behalf.
  5. Push hard at the beginning-and end-of a campaign: Letting your audience know that a campaign is closing and they only have a limited time to help can pull people off the fences to help.

Ok, now you're ready to leverage the tools and templates to help your campaign succeed. Visit and share a campaign now!

Have questions about other tools you can use or best practices for helping a pet in need raise funds? Contact us and we'll be happy to suggest specific templates and posts!