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Corporate Sponsorships

Our sponsors achieve recognizable and far-reaching levels of goodwill by immediately impacting your largest clients as well as the larger veterinary industry.

How Can My Organization Get Involved?

Waggle’s turnkey solution streamlines the sharing of compelling stories and harnesses the goodwill of local social networks. We assist you to create a visible level of engagement and ROI with the audiences that matter to you most -- and go far beyond traditional advertising or marketing relationships.

By working with Waggle and your biggest clients to raise funds for the pets who need it most, your sponsorship provides for a concrete and far-reaching need in the daily life of animal health care providers. You can help reduce emotional burnout in-practice, and build long-lasting goodwill for your support.

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Become A Waggle Sponsor

As veterinarians we have long witnessed the sad reality that financial constraints often result in pain and suffering, and even unnecessary euthanasia of the pets we treat. Waggle offers an innovative solution by connecting animals and pet parents in need with life-saving resources.

Dr. Rob Olson, DVM, Pieper-Olson Veterinary Hospital

Messaging & Goodwill

Help With Dog Medical Bills

Waggle helps you reach pet guardians who have a direct relationship with everyone performing the Calls-to-Actions (CTAs) - hospitals, rDVMs, pet guardians, and animal welfare agencies.

Dog Charities To Donate To

This social networking effect - compounded by the fact that the pet in need brings a timely and urgent message - creates a highly personalized experience for the pet guardian and participating brand.

Dog Charity Organizations

Waggle’s personal relationship with platform participants creates a level of engagement for corporate sponsors that reaches a more visible and meaningful level than anything that could be achieved by standard marketing and advertising.

Best Animal Welfare Organizations

We reach people who care and are willing to share. By positioning your corporate brand alongside a viral-driven cause, your brand has the opportunity to reach millions of people who care deeply about the health and care of pets.

Help With Veterinary Costs

Veterinarians Will Thank You

Building goodwill: Sponsorship has a direct and immediate financial impact on your clients’ businesses. You will be seen as helping their growth and success.

Your involvement will be front and center while aiding the veterinary professionals you want to reach. Since practice staff in times of need are eligible for Waggle, your support of our platform provides a critical benefit they will always remember.

Compassion fatigue takes a toll on your clients. By helping practice staff find positive outcomes to the heartbreaking tragedy of economic euthanasia, you’ll be building goodwill while showing far-reach support to the industry and community you care about.

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Meet The Players

Each of our constituents benefits from being part of the Waggle platform - the more pets helped, the more everyone wins.

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