We're Crowing (OK, Barking) About Bear

Bear, a 5-month-old Leonburger, was found meandering alone on a street in Texas.  He was taken in by a local vet and from there, transported to Project Precious Rescue in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The rescue organization had been told that he was in good health, but upon arrival, it was clear, judging from his medical records, that he was not—he had lost some 20 pounds in one month! Very soon after his arrival up North, he was examined by a vet and had an abdominal ultrasound, which showed that he needed immediate surgery.

He was admitted to VCA Shoreline Veterinary Emergency & Referral Center, where he was diagnosed with intussusception, a condition in which the intestine telescopes into itself—a condition that can be life-threatening. Bear was in a grim situation, and PPR was suddenly facing thousands of dollars in unanticipated veterinary bills, just to get this gentle boy healthy. PPR is a non-profit organization, taking on challenging and special-needs cases, relying solely on donations in order to rescue animals like Bear. And, indeed, Bear would have to be healthy if he were going to find a forever home.

Then along came Waggle, wagging its tail and giving Bear a reason to "waggle" his. A lifeline for help, the organization immediately posted Bear's case on its website in May and he understandably won the hearts of donors; his campaign was funded within 12 days! He received all the medical care he needed and was ready to be adopted.

And next, along came Deirdre and Nadia H.-S., residents of Rahway, New Jersey, who were ready for a dog. Deirdre had previously had a Leonburger and fell in love with Bear. "Super sweet," notes Deirdre, "is how I describe him all the time. He has settled in beautifully. He has made friends with Lucy who lives next door and they have play dates. He loves to roll over for belly rubs."  She reports that he can be mischievous, too; pal Lucy has taught him to counter-surf! She says, "When he leans into your leg, it's as if he is saying he could happy there for the rest of his life. Thank goodness Waggle helped save him and gave him the health he needed to have a new life."