"We are changing the face of crowdfunding. Unlike other platforms, our donors and sponsors know exactly where their money is going."

- Steven Mornelli
"That’s why GreaterGood.org is excited to announce our new partnership. With Waggle, we’re saving even more pets from euthanasia and making them healthy and happy again!"
"We wanted Waggle to be an effective source of crowdfunding, but also a platform that garnishes trust. We pay our veterinary practices directly. One hundred percent of the money the clients raise gets passed to the accounts receivable of the veterinary hospital."

- Steven Mornell, Founder of Waggle
Whether you are a shelter professional, rescue volunteer or pet owner, you’ve probably seen people crowdfunding for sick or injured pets. But how do you know it’s legitimate? That’s where Waggle comes in!
"We established “Eli’s Fund” with the Waggle Foundation to assist pet owners who need financial assistance in receiving potential life saving medical care for their pets."

- Ruth Cove
"Heartbreaking economic euthanasia is an unacceptable outcome for both the pet guardian and a pet in need.”

- Steven Mornelli, Founder of Waggle

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