Are you a proud dog or cat owner facing a terrible choice? Is your dog or cat in medical crisis, but you just don't know how you're going to cover the cost of care? You're not alone.

Every year over 500,000 pets across North America are impacted by the need to veterinary care where the cost of treatment is out of reach for the pet's family.

Waggle is here to help.

We're the first and only pet-dedicated crowdfunding platform devoted to raising funds for pets in medical crisis and giving those at the front lines of economic euthanasia decision a safety net.

What Waggle Does:

Waggle Crowdfunding for Pets provides you, your team and your community a new tool and insights to help raise funds and get your pet treated.

Our teams of not-for-profit specialists, marketing strategists, and technology wizards have worked to help you:


Reach out to your community


Tell your pet's story

Pet Fundraising

Raise the funding you so desperately need

All pet guardians who add their pets to waggle receive:

  • A landing page and link where you can tell your pet's story, share videos, photos and collect funds
  • A FREE suggested sharing calendar to help you tell your pet's story and ask for donations
  • FREE templates and messaging for use on Facebook, email, instagram, local media and more, to help you get the word out (no other crowdfunding platform does this)
  • FREE guidance and advice about how to talk about your pet's story and share it to help your raise the most and get your pet the necessary care
  • A dedicated portal where fund pass directly to your veterinary provider - adding credibility to your story and a level of trust other crowdfunding platforms do not provide
  • Regular crowdfunding tips and research learned through Waggle Success Stories to help you achieve greater impact with every share.

What we need our guardians to do:

All we ask is that you commit to sharing* your campaign with friends, family and/or on social media widely and often.

*The most successful campaigns are the most shared campaigns. Our display pages automatically promote participating members.