Are you a member of a trusted veterinary hospital seeking to help more pets in your care? Does a constant stream of pets who desperately need care, but their guardians can’t afford it, impact:

  • Your team’s well-being and sense of purpose (leading to compassion fatigue)?
  • Your ability to provide the best care to your patients?
  • Your bottom line (you just can’t afford to take on more pro-bono time)?

Waggle is here to help.

We're the first and only pet-dedicated crowdfunding platform devoted to raising funds for pets in medical crisis and giving those at the front lines of economic euthanasia decision a safety net.

What Waggle Does:

Waggle Crowdfunding for Pets provides you, your clients, and your community a new platform and the tools to help raise funds for pets in medical crisis. Our teams of not-for-profit specialists, marketing strategists, and technology wizards have worked hard to create a first-of-its-kind system that provides you tools, insights, and advice, allowing you and your staff to assist more pets, while practicing great medicine.

Get Involved:

Waggle provides our veterinary partners free and low-cost solutions to help pets featured on the Waggle website gain widespread visibility in order to garner financial support.

Our free solutions provide your clients the tools and insight they need to go out to your own community and crowd-fund to cover veterinary care. For each pet they add to Waggle, they will receive.

Written Pet Campaign

A pet campaign posted on our Meet Pets in Crisis page.

Email Icon

Templates and messaging for use on Facebook, email, Instagram, local media and more.

Pet Crowdfunding Tips

Frequent and insightful crowdfunding tips and research learned through Waggle Success Stories to help you make bigger impact with every share.

What we need our vet partners to do:

Register here. That's it!

Our team will then:

  • Send 100% of funds raised directly to your accounts receivable
  • Add your logo to our growing community of Veterinary Partners
  • Create your dedicated landing page so visitors can view current and past pets-in-need
    your hospital has supported

On average, each share by a trusted partner can generate a return of $500, quickly helping you reach your fundraising goals.

Non-profit fundraising partnerships

are one of the strongest and easiest ways any practice can get involved with Waggle. If you work with an animal welfare organization that treats homeless, rescued pets or those from low-income homes (or if your own practice has a non-profit arm), Waggle could help you make care more accessible for all these pets to those pets in your non-profit partner’s care. These animals' situations are evaluated and accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information.


"We are so thankful to be able to collaborate with Waggle. Our rescue is usually at capacity and we often have a waiting list of animals in need of medical attention, but never enough funds to cover them all.  Waggle provides us with the necessary monies to quickly treat more animals.  It is a godsend for us—and for the hundreds of cats and dogs we rescue annually."

- Dr. Rob Olson, DVM, Pieper-Olson Veterinary Hospital

"We are delighted to be part of the Waggle family", notes Joanne Watkins, VCA Shoreline’shospital manager. "It is just heartbreaking to see a pet owner forced to forego care for a beloved pet because of a lack of funds. Being able to channel needy and worthwhile cases into the Waggle pipeline will enable us to care for many additional in-need animals. Waggle’s model is a perfect fit for us and our clients."

- Joanne Watkins, Hospital Director, VCA Shoreline