About Waggle

Waggle is the only pet-dedicated crowdfunding platform that partners directly with leading veterinary providers to reduce economic euthanasia in pets, thereby giving options to pet guardians and second chances to the pets they love.
The critical partnership between Waggle and veterinary partners ensures that recipients are vetted and truly in need – a claim other crowdfunding platforms can’t guarantee and makes Waggle unique. For added security, funds are released directly to veterinary partners and not to pet guardians.

Donors make a significant impact on the lives of pets and their guardians in a self-sustaining, radically transparent way. They can also choose to follow the treatment and recovery of the animal they have sponsored – and take pride in knowing that their donation has saved a life.

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Waggle Is 100% Mission-Driven

Waggle addresses and reduces economic euthanasia by providing much-needed veterinary care for pets in crisis. Not driven by profit, 100% of donations fund the care of pets with no hidden fees or service charges.

Additionally, Waggle reduces the financial burden on local veterinary practices as well as the resource strain on community-based social service organizations that serve economically challenged individuals and families. Our model is mission-driven, utilizing effective marketing and social media practices to drive funds to the pets and communities that need it most.

Most importantly, Waggle reduces the number of pets relinquished and euthanized at animal shelters, positively impacting both private rescue organizations and municipal animal control agencies alike.

Waggle Donors Save Lives

Spend an afternoon in any shelter or emergency veterinary center and you will witness this heartbreak again and again. No guardian should lose their best friend, nor pet their life, because of financial hardship.

Your support of Waggle today will help save thousands of lives and significantly reduce economic euthanasia across the country. Please join us.

Meet Sam

Sam is on his way to a great quality life due to a successful surgery that repaired an injury to his right hind leg. Go Sam!