Rescue Shelter

If you asked us at Waggle to describe succinctly what we are all about, we would readily answer in less than ten words:  Waggle is committed to ending economic euthanasia. 

"Heartbreaking economic euthanasia is simply unacceptable for both the pet guardian and a pet in need," notes founder and CEO, Steven Mornelli, a passionate animal lover and business executive who felt compelled to find a means to stem this tragedy. "I created Waggle with the hope that we can wipe out this devastating outcome facing many families."  

Who Is at the Frontlines of Economic Euthanasia?

And who witnesses this heartbreak most frequently? Day in and day out, it is the veterinarians who are in the trenches. How often do they hear that a dog or cat "parent" simply is stretched to the financial limit and cannot afford the cost to treat an illness…and out of desperation, chooses to let an animal go.  At the frontlines, veterinarians and their office staff share this anguish as they witness tearful clients who make this wrenching decision. They themselves often experience burn out and compassion fatigue as side effects of this tearful occurrence.  

How Do Veterinarians Address the Situation?

Veterinarians will often perform the necessary treatment, knowing that they will never receive recompense for their services and the medications they supply. Additionally, most veterinary hospitals help local shelters and rescue organizations with medically compromised animals, frequently donating free or highly discounted services. All involved know that it will be much easier to adopt out a healthy animal than a sick one, so veterinarians commit themselves to working with many local rescues/shelters in their neighborhoods; furthermore, placing an animal in a forever home opens up a space at a shelter for another needy "resident." 

How Can Waggle, a Crowdfunding Platform for Pets, Help?

As a result of so much pro bono work, many veterinary practices, too, are stretched to a financial limit.  And this is where Waggle can provide a lifeline to both veterinary practices and the shelters. Practices can benefit by signing up with Waggle to channel needy pets' cases to the website, an easy process, done entirely online. Additionally, practices can help pet guardians to post their individual pets' cases themselves on Waggle—again, a simple process. Funds raised are sent directly to the treating veterinary hospital—assuring complete transparency—and providing a safety net for pet guardians and their furry companions.   

Shelters can benefit even more dramatically by working with Waggle—and both vets and shelters should ideally encourage each other to become a part of the Waggle family. There is already substantial synergistic energy between medical practices and shelters, and combining forces with Waggle strengthens that connection. Moreover, rescue organizations can generate publicity for pets' online campaigns, as most shelter staff are well versed in social networking skills—it is the mechanism that they have been using for years to help get their charges adopted. It is win-win-win for the veterinary practice, the shelters, and the animals.   

Working in concert as a troika, Waggle, veterinarians and rescue/shelter organizations can elevate community awareness, a small step toward decreasing the occurrence of economic euthanasia. Waggle provides this hopeful solution. Fundraising partnerships combining the clout of Waggle, the dedicated work of rescue/shelter organizations, and the expert veterinary skills of grass-roots practices, will benefit all: Waggle is determined to make care more accessible for all the pets that might languish at a shelter, or worse, might end up as hapless victims of economic euthanasia. Waggle provides a viable venue for optimism and hope.