How Waggle Works

The only pet-dedicated crowdfunding platform that partners directly with veterinary providers

1. Pet guardian seeks care for their pet

Pet’s guardian brings patient to the veterinary facility for care but soon finds out that she cannot pay for the necessary treatment.

2. Pet guardian learns about Waggle

A member of the hospital staff explains Waggle and asks her if she’d like to share their story with the larger community.

3. Veterinary partner submits patient’s profile

A member of the hospital staff submits patient’s profile through a simple Waggle login.

4. Waggle posts the patient's story on our crowdfunding platform

The pet guardian and veterinary partner help us share the story.

5. Waggle's network of donors becomes involved

100% of donations are used to fund the patient's care.

6. Donors receive patient’s updates

The veterinary partner and pet guardian submit post-treatment updates on the patient and we send it to our donors. We then transfer funds to our partner to cover the cost of care.