• General

    What is Waggle?
    Waggle is the only pet-dedicated crowd-funding platform that partners directly with leading veterinary providers to reduce economic euthanasia, thereby presenting options to pet guardians and second chances to the pets they love.

    What makes Waggle different from other crowdfunding platforms?
    The large crowdfunding platforms whose names you probably recognize are open to the general public. Potential donors have no way of knowing if the person on the other side of their donation is real or if they are truly in need. At Waggle, only pets that have been vetted - so to speak - by our hospitals are candidates for your donation. Further, funds raised are passed only to our credentialed veterinary partners – never to pet owners – thereby ensuring an even greater level of trust and security.

    How does Waggle work?
    Waggle addresses and reduces economic euthanasia by giving pet owners and veterinary practices easy access to help raise the funds for needed care. The way it works is simple: (1) A veterinary partner determines whether a pet and owner are good candidates for Waggle funding, (2) They work with the owner and Waggle to set up a crowd-funding campaign, (3) 100% of public donations fund the care of pets, (4) The veterinarian and guardian work together to ensure a happy outcome for all. That’s it!

    How does Waggle fund its day to day operations?
    Waggle’s operating expenses are paid separately by donors who leave an optional tip during checkout, our veterinary partners who may donate a portion of their services and corporate sponsors. This allows us to pass 100% of every donation directly to the chosen pet.

    What are tips?
    We provide an option during the donation process that allows our supporters to help us cover our operating expenses. This tip is used for social media marketing that helps us spread the word about these loved companions, hardware/software, and other day-to-day costs.

    Can I post my pet on Waggle?
    We do not allow the general public to post their pets. Rather, all pets that you see have been evaluated for veterinary needs directly by our hospitals and entered by them onto our platform for funding. Should your pet be receiving care at a hospital not yet part of Waggle, we invite you to have them Contact Us to learn how we might help you and them.

    Is Waggle like pet insurance?
    No. The best time to get pet medical insurance is when your pet is healthy. This can help you avoid the heartbreak of unexpected medical costs and the prospect of economic-based euthanasia. Waggle is intended as a last-stop chance to help pets and their guardians currently in crisis and therefore cannot qualify for pet insurance. Insurance is a great way to help you ensure that you'll never need a service like Waggle.

    Do you work with Corporate Sponsors?
    Yes! Our sponsors achieve recognizable and far-reaching levels of goodwill by immediately impacting their largest clients as well as the larger veterinary industry. Waggle’s personal relationship with platform participants creates a meaningful level of engagement for everyone performing the Calls-to-Actions (CTAs). We invite you to Contact Us to learn how we can help.

  • Treatments

    Which pets are eligible for funding?
    All of the pets that you see have a high probability of a successful outcome as determined by our veterinary partners and the cost of treatment (maximum $2,000 USD) is independently confirmed to be out-of-reach for their guardians.

    What if a pet needs care before their profile is posted or funded?
    We require that a pet guardian be accepted by Waggle before they can be posted on the crowdfunding platform. Emergency treatment may be required in advance of approval. In such instances, we are unable to guarantee later placement on our website. Therefore, the decision to proceed remains solely with and between the pet guardian and our veterinary partners. The well-being of our pets and their guardians is always the greatest concern.

    What if a profile isn't fully funded?
    Campaign profiles are posted on Waggle for a maximum of 30 days. Payment is guaranteed to our veterinary partners only for the amount raised. Any difference between the cost of treatment and funds raised may be required of the pet guardian with whom the decision to proceed must reside.

    What if a pet doesn't receive treatment?
    If a pet guardian decides against treatment, no longer needs care, or if the pet passes away before treatment is provided, Waggle will provide a credit in the amount of their donation to be applied to support another pet. Should this credit not be applied within 30 days, the donation will pass to our general fund.

  • Donations

    Does 100% of my donation really go to the pet’s care?
    Yes! We do not pool your donation into a general fund nor do we use any part of it for operating costs. Your donation goes straight to medical care and that’s it.

    How do I know my money will go to fund the pet I choose?
    Our 100% funding policy is what makes Waggle so effective. Care of your donation and your experience with Waggle is critical to our vision of providing medical care for all pets.
    We make sure you know the impact of your donation by providing post-treatment photos and updates about the outcome of the care you funded. And Waggle’s veterinary partners are some of the most respected hospitals and practices in the U.S. In addition, Waggle only transfers funds directly to our veterinary partners. No funds are ever handled by the pet guardians.

    What is the Universal Fund?
    Recurring monthly donations can be made to our Universal Fund with an automatic charge. You can easily modify the setup at any time. These donations are allocated to a new pet each month selected by our staff. As with any donation made on Waggle, you will receive post-treatment updates so you know the impact you’ve made.

    What is the General Fund?
    Should all of Waggle’s patients be fully funded or, in instances where donors would prefer not to select an individual pet, we suggest giving to our General Fund. 100% of your donation will be provided to a pet in need chosen by our staff.

    How do I know my financial information is protected?
    Your data and privacy is of the highest concern. Our website is served over HTTPS so that your browser only communicates with our server over a secure channel. We validate your credit card’s CVC and only store the last four digits and the expiration date in our system. Further, your financial information is managed securely for us by Stripe, a globally trusted payments company certified as a PCI Service Provider Level 1 by Visa.

    Is my donation tax deductible?
    Waggle joined the growing, global movement of B-Corps. As such, we are built on the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, and aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems. We have taken this route so that we can impact an even larger number of pet owners and their companions than we believe a 501(c)3 designation could otherwise provide. While this tradeoff means that your donation is not tax deductible, your support of Waggle now and in the future, will help save thousands of lives and significantly reduce economic euthanasia across the country.

    Do you have a question that wasn't answered here?
    Please email any unanswered questions you may via our Contact Us page and we will respond ASAP.